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Our Entire Firm Concentrates on Bankruptcy & IRS Solutions For Individuals & Small Businesses


“Thanks for your goodness to me . . . you’re a wonderful man.”

–Tonawanda, NY


“I don’t think I could have a better lawyer than Mr. John D’Amato. I am so, so happy I had him. If I had money I would pay double. Mr. John D’Amato saved my life and gave me a new life to start fresh. . . . Extremely happy with Mr. John D’Amato and Miss Margaret.”

–Hamburg, NY


“Fees were explained in detail, and John offered us a payment schedule we could set and easily reach. I felt John and Margaret were a pleasure to work with and [felt] confident they could get the job completed. Margaret and John were able to streamline the process, otherwise considered a complex and laborious task, so it was done painlessly and somewhat stress-free in the end. John’s ability to go through all the law and the paperwork without a hitch was a great relief to us. Your service relieved our stress. We were going to try to go through all of this by ourselves, figuring out who to pay to ease the calls from the collectors. Thank you for your help with our bankruptcy.”

–Lockport, NY


“Very precise . . . very friendly . . . not over-priced . . . easy to find.”

–N. Tonawanda, NY


“[John D’Amato Law Offices] was recommended by two other attorneys. . . . I’m happy that I called. You explained everything so that I understood; you did not ‘look down’ at me. You made me feel comfortable and at ease. I am very pleased with your services. I have also recommended your services to someone because you explain so that anyone will understand.”

–Buffalo, NY


“John made us feel very comfortable with his answers to our [questions about] converting from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7. He proved to us how it was better to get the Chapter 13 dismissed and then refile to Chapter 7. The fees were a lot less than our first Chapter 13 attorney’s fees. All of our meetings with John were in a relaxed atmosphere and made us feel very comfortable. The location of the office is very easy to get to from Route 33 Batavia. All of the services were very professional and completed in a timely manner. John is also going to help us get our names off of the deed to our house after foreclosure. This is a big relief to us.

–Batavia, NY


“I had used John’s services previously and it worked out very well.”

–Buffalo, NY


“The whole experience was made easy by both Margaret and Mr. John. I will refer you to anyone.”

–Buffalo, NY


“John was very good at giving the how and why about what Chapter to file. . . . Very good “wording” . . . John and legal assistant Margaret made [us] feel like part of the family. . . . No more stress . . . that meant a lot to the both of us.”

–Depew, NY


“We entered the bankruptcy completely ignorant of it [the process]. You took all the time needed to explain the proceedures without making us feel uneasy about the outcome.”

–Elba, NY


“You and your staff were very comfortable to be with. I was very impressed with your knowledge of the bankruptcy system. Competitive fees — I didn’t call any other lawyer to get any of their fees. I felt confident with you from the first moment I talked to your secretary. I would and have recommended your services to anyone who would need them. Your services were very professional and personal.”

–Alden, NY


“You delivered great. If I had to do it again I would use you again or if I needed an attorney for something else I would be sure to call you. Thank you for the great job.”

–Lancaster, NY


“Margaret, I appreciate you being patient with me and all of my questions. I know I bothered you a lot and thank you for explaining all of the things I didn’t understand. The law office was great, and they were very understanding of my finances and knew what I needed to do. I would recommend them to anyone.”

–Batavia, NY


“You did what you said you could do. That’s all anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for your help through a very hard time in my life. Thank you.”

–Corfu, NY


“Thank you so much for seeing me without charging me. I know that you didn’t have to do that. I just want to thank you.”

–Williamsville, NY


“Because we filed Chapter 13 and 7, in each case, I felt John was very prepared with even the smallest detail, especially with going in front of the Trustee. We were very pleased, and thank you again for your help. P.S. Margaret was “the best.”

–Depew, NY


“John and Margaret are great people to work with. They were very supportive and understanding of my situation. The attorney made me feel “understood” and comfortable. And if I don’t feel comfortable I don’t respect what I am being to talked to about. John and Margaret were very thorough by exploring all my options and going through everything with me. John’s fees were very reasonable. The location of the office is easy to find. John and Margaret are both great people and friendly and understanding. They were both very helpful in explaining what I needed to do and when they needed it.”

–Alden, NY

“John and Margaret were always there for me. . . . John always treated me with respect and professionalism. It was a very stressful time for me and he always made me feel comfortable. I can’t thank him enough for giving me this fresh start. . . . I have my life back and it’s a wonderful feeling.”

–Cheektowaga, NY



Miscellaneous Cases

“I want to thank all of you for making our closing happen. All of you did an awesome job.”

–Hamburg, NY


“You knew what you were doing as far as reducing my charges. You were nice and understanding. Your prices weren’t too high. I thought they were fair. I thought that you helped me out a lot, and I didn’t have to do no jail time. And my charges were reduced. And like I said, your prices were good.”

–Buffalo, NY


“Got me out of thousands of dollars of tickets for a fraction of the guilty plea. Showed up to court on time . . .”

–Albany, NY

Affordable. Approachable. Experienced.