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Concentrating in Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy & IRS Solutions

John D’Amato Law Offices is a small law firm with over 29 years’ experience in advising individuals and small businesses with bankruptcy and IRS tax problems. By choice, John D’Amato is the sole attorney in this firm.

All Clients Receive John’s Personal Attention

In order to provide all clients with the personal attention they deserve, John personally handles each case. In this way, John can be certain that each client receives the best attention and results possible.

It is important to John that each client (and all who come in contact with him) have a positive experience. For clients, this is addressed in the following 3 primary ways:

Teacher’s Heart

Possessing a significant and in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law and IRS solutions is very valuable to our clients. What John is more proud of, however, is his ability and willingness to convey to each client in language that is easily understandable what their case means from the perspective of the law and what particular options are available to the client. This is most important.

In essence, John has a “teacher’s heart.” He listens closely to the facts presented by each client, and engages them in meaningful conversation, discussing their situation and providing options in an understandable manner. John sees his clients’ stress greatly decrease as they actively participate in selecting the best remedy. John believes education is important and honorable. He and his wife even educate their own children, having elected to homeschool.

Clients Feel Comfortable Upon Meeting John

Within the first five minutes of the free initial consultation, John feels that the client should know that they have selected the correct attorney. This confidence should continue through to the end of the consultation and, ultimately, through to the conclusion of their case.

Clients considering bankruptcy or seeking alternatives for debt problems may be concerned that they will be looked down upon. Rest assured, John and his staff will never look down upon a client. We understand there are many reasons for financial problems, including medical problems, loss of a job, and divorce. These, and more, are all reasons we use our services to help people reach a better financial position and enjoy peace of mind. John would view it as a personal failure if anyone in the firm were to look down upon a client.

Earning a Living

John enjoys practicing law and meeting the wide variety of individuals he sees daily. Clients of John include teachers, attorneys, laborers, doctors, collectors, and many others. John views his practice of law as a profession and a calling. It is a means of earning a living by helping others, and is not intended to be a means of acquiring great wealth.

To seek simply to acquire wealth would necessitate changing the model of his practice from sole attorney to a high case volume practice, in which many inexperienced (and lower paid) attorneys would handle the cases under the owner’s management. This would require more staff to support the attorneys, and would likely result in more profit, as well as more mistakes and an overall lower quality of service. We have never tried to implement this model and have no plans to do so in the future. In our opinion, the old saying “too many cooks spoil the soup” is applicable to the practice of law.


John is grateful for all the past and present clients who trusted us to provide them with advice and guidance, and to produce the necessary work to accomplish their goals. Since becoming an attorney over 20 years ago, John has never been the subject of an attorney disciplinary action, nor has he ever been sued for malpractice.

Education & Family

John graduated from the respected Hofstra University School of Law in 1992, and from Canisius College in 1989, where faculty and administrators selected him from among over one thousand graduates to be a recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award.

During the summer between college and law school, John’s academic achievement resulted in summer employment at the small law firm of a prominant Buffalo lawyer. It was here that John first realized that he was well suited for small firm practice, though he did not yet know in which area of law he would practice.

The following summer, John had completed his first year of law school and was appointed to a highly competetive summer internship to work in the chambers of a U.S. District Court Judge in Rochester, NY. In his final year of law school, John was a law extern to a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in Long Island, New York, where he researched and drafted documents to assist the Judge with the issues arising in the cases before the Court. Both of these judicial positions sparked John’s interest in federal law, and it was the experience with the Bankruptcy Court which first led John to want to dedicate his career to helping individuals and small businesses with their debt problems.

Since graduating from law school in 1992, John has spent almost his entire career helping those struggling with debt problems, including IRS tax problems. He opened John D’Amato Law Offices in 1999 to concentrate on helping individuals and small businesses with bankruptcy and resolving IRS problems.

John has been married to Donna since 1990 and is the father of five children, ages 4-17.

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