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Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for IRS Tax Relief 

As an Attorney representing individuals and businesses having IRS problems, my objective is to protect your interests and your assets against IRS collection. By resolving your IRS problem we will restore your peace of mind.

When the IRS collection process begins, the IRS will make your life miserable and literally ruin all aspects of your life. The authority given to the IRS to collect taxes is significant. This is as expected because the IRS is a unit of the federal government, which makes the rules for the collection of taxes. The collection rules permit the IRS to collect from you by: garnishing your wages; seizing bank accounts, 401k, other retirement, and most personal property; placing a Federal Tax Lien against your home and personal property; and shutting down the business of any business owners.
The IRS employs many attorneys to represent its interest. You too should obtain Attorney representation to put an end to the misery the IRS can put you through with its collection process. These IRS problems do not go away by themselves. While it may take the IRS several years to catch up with you, it will then show no mercy in collecting all the tax, penalties and interest owed.

With all these collection rules in favor of the IRS, it’s no wonder that peoples’ lives are ruined. Owing the taxes and knowing that you are or soon will be the subject of IRS collection, will often quickly cause your important relationships — marriage, friends, co-workers, and with others — to deteriorate and will impact your ability to function both at work and outside of work. The constant anxiety about the IRS liens, levies, and seizure of your assets, plain embarrassment, and pressure to pay the IRS may simply be too much to bear.

Truly, there are options available to help you. The rules are complex and the need for professional representation is great. If you cannot afford to pay the IRS, now may be the ideal time to resolve the IRS problem because the IRS will often accept a settlement most favorable to you when it recognizes that you truly cannot pay more. This opportunity should not be wasted.

To us, your tax problem is a business matter. We recognize that people from all walks of life — housewives, business executives, professional — have tax problems and, therefore, we do not view a tax problem as an indication of a person’s character. Our firm will manage your tax problem in a manner that is efficient, affordable, and confidential. We prepare all documents to be filed and negotiate with IRS for you.

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