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Buffalo IRS Tax Lawyer

IRS tax problems involve complex rules and highly technical language. Behind that obscure language lies the power to take actions that can seize your wages, shut down your business, or even, potentially, put you in jail.  Often, taxpayers don’t completely realize what they did wrong, or have no idea how to correct it. Some hope their tax issues will just go away, but in reality, everyone knows they won’t.

To find swift and effective solutions to IRS tax problems, individuals and businesses in Buffalo, NY turn to John D’Amato, PLLC. With nearly 30 years of experience, Mr. D’Amato is deeply familiar with IRS rules and is skilled in crafting tax relief strategies for his clients.

More than that, clients prefer him because of his personalized service, which stands out against the cookie-cutter offers from national tax relief companies. Mr. D’Amato understands that every tax issue is unique and that generalized solutions won’t do. He gives each client his personal attention and resources, committing himself to their success.

See how John D’Amato can help you. Your consultation is free and confidential. Call 716-706-0000 today.

What John D’Amato Can Help You With

The John D’Amato law firm has helped thousands with taxes and bankruptcy. Contact us if you’re experiencing any of these tax issues or something similar:

  • You owe back taxes.
  • You failed to file tax returns.
  • The IRS is garnishing your wages.
  • The IRS has placed a Federal Tax Lien against your home and personal property.
  • The IRS seized or is about to seize your bank accounts, 401k or other retirement accounts, and other personal property.
  • The IRS is about to shut down your business.

John D’Amato works with people from all walks of life: professionals, business owners, homemakers, married couples, laborers, organizations, and more. Our firm handles every case with respect and dignity, and treats every client like family. This is a major factor that makes clients comfortable working with us. See how we can provide our service to you – call us today.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Tax Problem?

You may have seen commercials for tax relief companies offering magical solutions to IRS problems through 1-800 numbers. Why should you call an attorney instead? The simple answer is that IRS issues are legal issues – they are better addressed with the knowledge and skill of someone practiced in law.

IRS problems do not go away by themselves. While it may take the agency several years to catch up with you, it will show no mercy in collecting all the tax, penalties, and interest owed. The IRS has significant authority in collecting taxes. Numerous people have felt that wage garnishment, IRS liens, and IRS seizures have damaged their lives, careers, and even marriages, making it difficult to get back on their feet.

Further, the IRS employs its own well-resourced lawyers to represent its interest. You, too, should obtain attorney representation to protect yourself from life-ruining consequences and to end your anxiety about the IRS collection process.

Attorney John D’Amato works diligently to protect his clients’ assets and interests against IRS collection. He aims to restore your peace of mind through effective legal solutions and genuine, considerate service. Many individuals and businesses in Buffalo can attest that the John D’Amato law firm has helped them navigate tax rules successfully and put their minds at ease.

What IRS Tax Relief Solutions May Be Available to You?

At John D’Amato, PLLC, we’re well-versed with the various legal remedies for tax-related problems, and we strategize with each client on which pathways are best for their situation. Take a look at some potential IRS tax solutions we may use:

Negotiating a Compromise  

If you owe the IRS an amount so large that repayment is not possible, there may be a way for the IRS to forgive a large portion of your balance under the “Offer in Compromise” program. The IRS can simply agree to settle for a smaller balance. This can result in the forgiveness of tax, penalties, and interest of 95% or more of the original balance claimed.

Installment Agreement

An installment agreement allows you to pay your IRS debt in monthly amounts. Although interest and penalties will continue, the installment agreement can prevent the IRS from filing liens or seizing your property while you are making the agreed-upon payments.

Erase Penalties

The IRS adds a certain amount to an unpaid balance as penalty for nonpayment, but we may be able to erase a penalty if you have a “reasonable cause.” We will review your case with you, develop it, and present it to the IRS. In some cases, we can request to erase penalties while also requesting an installment agreement.


Yes, it is possible for people to discharge income taxes by filing for bankruptcy relief in some instances. Bankruptcy is a powerful remedy, and can sometimes be the most effective option to erase IRS income tax debt. John D’Amato is an attorney experienced in the intersection of Tax Law and Bankruptcy Law.  He has personally helped thousands of individuals obtain bankruptcy relief.

Statute of Limitations

Generally, the IRS has 10 years to collect, from the date the tax was assessed. This limited time period to collect is called a “Statute of Limitations.” If this amount of time has passed, the IRS must stop collection because the debt would no longer be due. Exceptions do exist to this general rule. Talk to us to see if this solution can apply to your case.

Collection Appeals

If the IRS has levied (or seized) your property, you have the opportunity to appeal. The IRS appeals division is independent of the IRS collection division. An Appeals officer will promptly decide if the IRS decision to take your property should be reversed.

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An IRS problem is not a simple thing to deal with. Without legal counsel, you could be risking much of your hard-earned assets as well as your future. Entrust your tax issue to an attorney who has extensive experience and a successful track record helping taxpayers. Start with a free consultation with John D’Amato, Buffalo’s trusted tax attorney. Call 716-706-0000 today.

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