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Buffalo Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Foreclosure notices or complaints are difficult to face but they must be dealt with immediately. You cannot risk losing your home. No matter the circumstances that led up to this point, you must now begin to fight for your property. To help in that fight, engage the foreclosure defense services of Attorney John D’Amato.

For nearly 30 years, Attorney John D’Amato has been helping individuals and families keep their homes in the Buffalo, New York area. Mr. D’Amato is deeply familiar with foreclosure defenses and personally strategizes with each client on the best legal remedies for their situation. Besides his skilled representation, clients trust him because of his genuine, compassionate service, allowing them to resolve their foreclosure problem in a comfortable yet dignified way.

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Stopping Foreclosure: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Home

If you’ve received a pre-foreclosure notice or have been served a foreclosure complaint, call an attorney right away. These documents mean that your lender is about to initiate or has already initiated a foreclosure lawsuit against you – which further means that they’re ready with their own well-resourced lawyers to face you in court.

There are various defenses against a foreclosure lawsuit. We may examine whether your creditor has engaged in predatory lending, misstated your debt amount, or committed fraud. It may also be possible to countersue the bank if, for example, they violated “truth in lending” rules. The laws around foreclosures are complex, but an experienced attorney can work this legal landscape to craft the best defense for you.

Outside of a court trial, you may also have alternative pathways to stop foreclosure. Many homeowners have opted to negotiate a loan modification or file for bankruptcy. These actions may prevent the creditor from taking your property, but it’s important to consult a lawyer first to determine if these are the right options for you.

Get experienced and considerate legal advice from Attorney John D’Amato. He has been practicing in this field of law since 1993, and his service has allowed Buffalo area homeowners to keep their properties and manage their debts. Start by talking to us in a free consultation.

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If you’ve been threatened with or are already facing a foreclosure lawsuit, you’ll need a robust legal strategy to save your home. Entrust your defense to an attorney who already has a proven track record. In Western New York, Attorney John D’Amato is a highly trusted foreclosure attorney with nearly 30 years of successful service. Get your free consultation. Call John D’Amato at 716-706-0000 today.

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