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Part-time — Superstar Bankruptcy Attorney

Hours: 10-25 hours per week

Will consider: a part-time employee associate, or an “of counsel”

Need assistance in the following two areas of practice:

  • Bankruptcy: Prepare, sign, and file bankruptcy petitions, meet with clients, complete paperwork with attention to detail, and possibly make court appearances. A non-attorney assistant will prepare the first draft of the petition. Essentially, this is an ala carte service where you will work on part(s) of a bankruptcy case.
  • Mortgage Modification: Prepare, sign, and submit mortgage modification to mortgage companies or their attorneys to save a client’s home from a foreclosure sale.

Don’t even consider responding to this ad unless:

-you are a truly talented attorney;
-you are a pleasure to deal with;
-you believe that you can be the best at almost anything you do and you can prove that;
-you enjoy developing a deep and meaningful rapport with clients;
-you communicate with piercing persuasiveness;
-you are extremely customer-oriented;
-you have a burning desire to succeed;
-you are highly motivated;
-you have a never-say-die attitude; and
-you find ways to perform well, even in bad situations


The Ideal Person

  •  We firmly believe in hiring the RIGHT person for this job, not simply the person with the most credentials. The person we hire will know what it means to meet deadlines, work independently, and will restore our faith in the American work ethic. We like working with smart, motivated individuals who are eager to learn.
  •  We would love to work with an experienced (5+ years) bankruptcy attorney who is motivated, but we are willing to teach the RIGHT person who has a year or two of bankruptcy experience.
  •  This position is not for you if you do not already understand the following: 522(f) motion, a 506 motion, an exemption, and an exception to discharge …
  • If you are a licensed attorney interested in bankruptcy and are a quick learner, can follow clearly stated expectations, will follow the standards and procedures of John D’Amato Law Offices, will conduct yourself in a professional manner, and clearly understand the difference between activity and accomplishment, then you should apply today! We would love to hear from you.


What you can expect: 

  • That “peaceful, easy feeling
  • Gentle, flexible hours and fast payment. Unlike those attorneys running a law firm, you show up, do your work, and get paid (without needing to worry about where your next client is coming from). You will be free to enjoy life, not as an employer, but as a lawyer, making a difference and helping people. Isn’t that why you went to Law School in the first place?
  • Low pressure and a low-stress environment. We believe this is an ideal position for someone who wants part time work as a “retired” individual, or someone who wants to raise a family and still work part-time.
  • Excellent Compensation: To be determined based upon the package you send us. We will pay hourly or on a fixed-fee basis. We would rather work with someone motivated to finish a task than to pay someone on an hourly basis. This means you will have the chance to make more money if you work harder.


Please do not apply if:
-You are someone looking for full-time work, but cannot find it;
-you make excuses for your poor performance;
-you view firm clients as an inconvenience;
-you are not punctual;
-you were the student who needed mom or dad to remind you about completing your homework or your projects;
-you need a lot of direction and hands-on guidance;
-you are already set in your ways and are not willing to learn; and
-you prefer to put off until tomorrow what could be done today.
This is not the job for you.


How to Apply: Listen to the entire recording below because it contains important information on how to apply for this position.


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